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Would you recommend Maca for fertility?

Maca has been know for its supposed benefits for sexual performance and has been harvested and used for fertility in the Andean Mountains for centuries. Can Maca live up the legend and help the couples affected by the modern epidemic of infertility?

Samantha Dobson investigate for with Important professionals in Dubai about the influence of modern life and how the toxins around may affect fertility. Talking with Dr Dunn about how acupuncture and herbs and vitamins can help to revert the situation.

The World Health Organization is telling that 85% of couples are falling to fall pregnant after a year of trying naturally and recommend to seek attention from professionals after 12 months in case of ages mayor of 35 would suggest to look for help after 6 months.

Our  hectic lifestyle is not making things any easier, the Dr Lanalle Dunn, naturopathic physician at Dubai’s Chiron Clinic, says the number of those seeking help is on the rise.

“I may then prescribe specific herbs, homeopathy and vitamins. A typical nutritional supplement I often recommend is powdered maca – a South American root vegetable that’s effective for both men and women in increasing fertility naturally.”

You can read more about following the source Is your home making you infertile? via gulfnews