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What's next for Superfood Junkies

As you wondering what are the next superfoods to look at  we look at the Article of Elissa McCallum in Goodfood an Australian blog that we like to read to keep an eye on the news from down there.

And as they mention the new trends in superfoods Kefir, chlorella, scoby, tibicos, fermentos, lactobacillus … and they would have some special words about maca.

"Brothers James and Miles McLoughlin run Green Press, a soup and smoothie outlet in Melbourne's CBD, where a blackboard lists at least a dozen ''superfood'' add-ons. There's lucuma for skin health, maca for stamina and chlorella for immunity."

As some of them are not very palatable the trick is to mix then with some sweet fruit and is been a sucess for Brothers James and Miles McLoughlin who run Green Press, Soup and Smoothie stall in Melbourne

"I think maca will become more well known as it is powerful and unique. It improves sexual health and boosts immunity. Another personal favourite is camu camu as a serving contains 30 times the vitamin C of an orange.''

You can read more about following the source Superfood Superstarts via goodfood