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Our Philosophy: import the best quality Maca Root

Our Maca Philosophy Inkavital

We make nature smarter

Inkavital and a fusion of cience and nature. Our mission is to supply the world with natural ingredients  that enhance health and general wellbeing. Inkavital offers premium quality natural products and makes it available to european nations to discover the a gift of nature of Peru's biodiversity. The Maca root has long been a symbol of mystery and power like a sacred relationship between man and nature.

Made of all natural ingredients

We control and supervise  the entire production process of our Maca, from its sources as crude materials to its manufacturing  as a completed item. Our work is to push its common qualities in the world wide web and promote their dissemination. Our items are made in the European Union (Germany) under stringent quality principles and health regulations of the EU.

We're sensitive to the balance of nature

We work together to guarantee Fair Trade policies are applied to the farmer’s produce. By paying them premium prices we make it possible for farmers to improve the quality of life not only for their own families, but also for their neighbour communities.

Our products are 100% natural and guaranteed to be free of artificial additives.